How few Skin care habit changes in my 30’s made a big difference?


How few Skin care habit changes in my 30’s made a big difference?


Hello everyone & welcome back to my blog. Beauty has its new definition in our era. It no longer depends on the good features you are born with. You can have great features yet dull and dry skin which can not be called attractive whereas with average looking features if you have radiant and even-toned skin, you can look fabulous. So, it all depends on how well maintained and groomed we are, that’s what defines our beauty.

Maintaining a beauty regime is different for women in every age group. In my 30’s, with few changes in my beauty routine, I have seen a transformation in my skin. So in this post, I will be sharing them with you:-


Keep cleansing minimal-

 They say, keep cleansing, but as we age, the skin drastically changes its type. As a teenager, I had extremely oily skin, but as progressing towards my 30’s it has moved from oily to normal skin type. Furthermore, If I keep neglecting, it may also turn to dry skin type which is prone to wrinkle more. So the change I have made is, keeping my cleansing minimal twice a day i.e. once in the morning and the other time at night. This has helped me retain my skin’s natural oil which starts to reduce as we age. Also use hydrating and mild face-wash that is not very harsh on the skin.




Apply toner without fail before moisturizer: - 

30’s also come with the gift of open pores, which most of us struggle with. Open pores make the skin look porous and uneven. Applying toner has helped me fight open pores by giving a firming effect. It shrinks the pores and gives an even-looking skin. You will soon see the difference if you start to apply this tip in your beauty regimen. Right after cleansing, take some toner in a cotton ball and apply it all over your face and neck. End the process by applying moisturizer. There is a range of toners available, choose it viewing your skin type.


Under-eye care- 

Skin around eyes is the thinnest and tends to have more wrinkles as we age. You will most likely see the aging signs in this area with the age. For skincare around the eye, there are many eye creams available, you can search and choose it as per your skin type. My personal favorite is coconut oil. Just a few drops around eyes before bed and you will be awake with a fresher looking, glowing eyes.


Exfoliate twice a week:- 

Exfoliation is as necessary as the above two steps. But we should know its limit. Exfoliation is a must as it removes all dead skin however, too much of it can also damage our new tender skin.  So do scrub, but keep it twice in a week in your beauty routine as I follow..


Sunscreen is non negotiable:- 

Needless to mention the benefits of sunscreen in this hot summer. It can cause all kinds of damages you could ever imagine of. From tanning to dry skin to aging to what not, the harmful rays of sun can really drag down the level of your skin.. I would recommend using sunscreen at least before stepping out if not indoors.


I hope, including these tips in your daily routine will help you enhance your skin ultimately boost your confidence. Going forward ,  I will keep coming with such beauty tips. Thank you…



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