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6 essential life skills we can learn from kids

Have you noticed a child carefully?   The zeal kids have for their everyday life will make you question the perceptions about your life. Being grownups we contemplate ourselves to be more skillful and capable but the truth is somewhere the other way round.         “Children see the magic because they look for it”.   As a kid, we possessed many more skills which we seem to have forgotten with the time as we grow. Let’s see what skills we can reacquire to rewire within ourselves from the kids:-   1)     Never stop dreaming:-  Never stop dreaming:- Kids always tend to weave dreams in there dreamland and strongly believe in them.  With no doubt in their mind, they go head to achieve their dream. How many of us do we do that as an adult? Only a few of us. We are most likely to caught up in other less important activities that we forget to give time to our dreams.       2)  )      To be joyful by nature The most beautiful thing we can learn from a kid is being joyous. Growing older w

8 Health care habits which shaped my Health Condition

A substantial shred of evidence is available online which confirms the fact that our body renews itself completely after a certain period. Renewal is subject to what we provide and how healthy lifestyles we lead. These are the few habits which have helped me enrich my life:-   1. Avoid snacking:-   Avoid snacking:- During my weightloss research, I came in terms of this fact. The latest research in endocrine science also shows its harmful impact on metabolism. Snacks between the meals reduce our interest in main meals where we majorly keep more healthy items and we end up filling our stomach with unhealthy foods items like biscuits, wafers, cookies, crackers. While traveling or any such situation where I can not have proper meals   I try to have healthy snacks such as Nuts, fruits, coconut slices, etc.. But in general I try to abide by this rule. 2. Introducing seeds and nuts in the diet- Introducing seeds and nuts in the diet- Seeds and nuts are the great sources of healthy fats