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How to overcome any difficult situation and stay happy?

  How to overcome any difficult situation and stay happy? Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Well, an unprecedented situation such as this pandemic, where all of us are struggling to keep ourselves safe. It seems a never-ending journey and staying happy feels a joke for many of us.                               We can find lots of ideas to keep ourselves happy yet hardly have we remembered to apply them when any real situation comes in. I like to experiment with my mind a lot and during this Covid’s time, it has been exercised quite enough. Here I would try to share a quick trick to come out of any difficult situation.   When stuck in any difficult situation, ask yourself these two questions:-   1)       Can I do anything about the situation?  If the answer is yes. Then these below steps    This technique can be called a solution-oriented approach. For any such situation, I use a strategy which I call ASA   a) A:-Analyze,    b) S:-Strategies,     c) S:-action  

How to make positivity your second nature ?

  How to make positivity your second nature:-   Positivity is an attitude that needs to be cultivated within you gradually. Most of us must have come across this one person in life who stays positive all the time and we wonder, what is the secret to their positivity? Don’t we?                                                  Well, there is one thing for sure that nobody likes to hang around with a person who is full of negativity. I have tried to build it up the rituals and abide by them. These are the ones I hold on to stay positive even in my most difficult situations. You can try them and let me know if it works for you.    1) Surrounding matters:-          We are the creatures that pick up the from our surroundings without much of realization. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to keep yourself surrounded with the people filled with positive attitude. 2)Make positivity a choice:-           If you have difficulty staying positive then inculcate this small practice in your l

How few Skin care habit changes in my 30’s made a big difference?

  How few Skin care habit changes in my 30’s made a big difference?   Hello everyone & welcome back to my blog. Beauty has its new definition in our era. It no longer depends on the good features you are born with. You can have great features yet dull and dry skin which can not be called attractive whereas with average looking features if you have radiant and even-toned skin, you can look fabulous. So, it all depends on how well maintained and groomed we are, that’s what defines our beauty. Maintaining a beauty regime is different for women in every age group. In my 30’s, with few changes in my beauty routine, I have seen a transformation in my skin. So in this post, I will be sharing them with you:-   Keep cleansing minimal-  They say, keep cleansing, but as we age, the skin drastically changes its type. As a teenager, I had extremely oily skin, but as progressing towards my 30’s it has moved from oily to normal skin type. Furthermore, If I keep neglecting, it may also