How to make positivity your second nature ?


How to make positivity your second nature:-


Positivity is an attitude that needs to be cultivated within you gradually. Most of us must have come across this one person in life who stays positive all the time and we wonder, what is the secret to their positivity? Don’t we?

                                                Well, there is one thing for sure that nobody likes to hang around with a person who is full of negativity. I have tried to build it up the rituals and abide by them. These are the ones I hold on to stay positive even in my most difficult situations. You can try them and let me know if it works for you.

   1) Surrounding matters:- 

       We are the creatures that pick up the from our surroundings without much of realization. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to keep yourself surrounded with the people filled with positive attitude.

2)Make positivity a choice:-

       If you have difficulty staying positive then inculcate this small practice in your life. Choose positivity as there is no other option available and stick to it. This small practice adds up a lot in keeping your attitude positive.


3)      Mindfulness:- 

The biggest drawback of multitasking is restlessness which promotes dissatisfaction and leads to negativity. Try practicing mindfulness. One of the ways to do it would be meditation.

4)   Reading:- 

Reading improves the imagination and brings you back to the present moment. Using your mind for imagination feeds positivity in you. Feed your mind by giving a good read to some nice books to boost your positivity.

5)      Choose your friends carefully:- 

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”:-  well quoted by Jim Rohn.

           Our attitude is directed and highly impacted by our friends. That’s how important a role,  friendship plays in our life, hence choose them wisely. 


When you want to uplift your mood immediately, gratitude can be a great option. It immediately initiates the process of realization within us showing the fact that how fortunate we are to have a life full of facilities that is a dream for many yet. Do try it.


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