5 Strategies to use your mind to achieve what you want in life.

 5 Strategies to use your mind to achieve what you want in life.

Hello everyone. A very warm welcome to my blog. I sure everyone is trying to do best at their place to overcome this current pandemic. Here I have come up with another blog of mine where I share my experience on strategies, I use mind to achieve our goals in life.

Our dreams are really special and dear to all of us . I firmly belive in the mantra :-

 Don’t let your dreams stay as dreams.

And these are the tried and tested stratagies I use to achieve any goal. :-

Know yourself first:-

Being aware about one’s own positive and negative points is really salient. When you know where your strength lies, you use it in right place even more confidently. Likewise, being aware about your weaknesses encourages you to work on it and make the changes in strategy when required. Thus, first and foremost you know yourself very well.

Using your experience/ memories:-

Your experiences are what you are made of else it’s an empty vessel. Whatever good or bad experience you have gathered over the time in life, put you them into use. If the memories only stay as memories, then what is the point of gathering them.

Emotional balance:-

To achieve anything big in your life you must have emotional stability as it gives you strength to stay in the path even in challenging situations. Don’t let your emotions dictate you what to and what not. Don’t let it stop you from achieving you what you want to achieve in your life. I would highly recommend you to go through my post on emotionalintelligence for more on the topic.


Many a times we get so caught up in everyday activities that we forget about our goals and its passes moths when we realize that we haven’t taken any required action towards our goals. To make sure that you work towards your goal to achieve it, you must write them somewhere, break them into small tasks and accommodate them little every day. Sometimes we also tend to fight argue and waste our time in such small things which hardly have any large impact in our life. Every time when you find yourself in such situation, just rethink what you are doing. Ask yourself, does it even matter 5-10 years down the line? I am sure you will find your answer and change the direction and focus of your work.

Motivation: -

It’s the motivation of the captain of any battle which makes even small troupes to win. One needs to find the source of motivation and them in their system every day. You can start your morning with positive quotes, songs this will help you sail through the day. 

  Thanks for reading.



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