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6 Essential Body Skincare Tips-

  6 Essential Body Skincare tips-   Hello and welcome back to my blog. Having all dressed up & ready For some special occasion when we take a glace in the mirror and realize our hands, neck and other parts of body are not as displayable as that of the face. An uneven complexion, dryness, and lack of luster, kind of destroy the whole look. Therefore, its incumbent on us to take care of our body in the same manner as that of the face so that they complement each other.   1. Regular oil massage Massaging oil all over your body gives it a radiant and glossy look. It helps in blood circulation and opening the pores which ultimately helps to keep the body skin healthy. Take some oil of your choice preferably olive oil or coconut oil, lather all over your skin then massage it for 2 mins and end it with a nice shower.     2. Pay attention to your elbows   Area around elbows are more susceptible to blackening and accumulate layers of dry dead skin. These areas need prope