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7 ways to avoid added sugar in your diet

  Our fallacies on sugar are in numbers umpteenth. However, while evaluating & regulating the amount of sugar one should not mistake about those 1 or 2 teaspoonfuls of sugar we consume everyday in tea. There are lots of hidden sugars in food items that we tend to overlook. In this post, we will discuss about takings some corrective measurements to avoid added sugar since we all are well aware of its repercussions on our health.                                   Added sugar is the processed form of sugar which loses most of its natural properties and health benefits.     1)    Start your day with fruits -   After the whole night of fasting when we wake up in the morning, our sugar levels are mostly on the lower side. If we can satisfy that sweet-tooth in the morning with the natural and healthy option it will less likely to linger with us for the whole day. Starting your day with the fruit could be a good option. The fruit which has natural sugar is also rich in antioxidants

7 Morning routines for a refreshing and productive day ahead

  Neatly served tempting breakfast on the table with a cup of hot coffee or tea and the smoke coming out of it, that is what we picture in our mind when thinking of an ideal morning. Who doesn’t want a peaceful morning where they can enjoy their breakfast and tea? Whereas most of us end up having as good as a marathon, which is reasonable in its place as the time demands for it.   Let us see some habits that I have experienced beneficial and might help in upgrading your mourning to its better version.     1)  Plan your morning the previous night-    This is the idea which always saves me from stress. Make a task list to be performed in the morning a day before. This will not only save your time in the morning wasting it to figure out tasks to be carried out but also will help in getting a sound sleep where you are no longer worried about forgetting things. I usually make my morning to-do list the previous day before going to bed.     2)  Start the first few moments in peace:- First few

Unique & Easy ways to boost your Immunity

During the pandemic(COVID-19), all of us have one particular thing in common besides masks that is seeking ways to boost our immunity. Barely have we been this sincere about our immunity and health up until this pandemic. It is needless to mention how important it is to strengthen our immunity at this point when the number of infections is getting higher by the day.                                                   Immunity, which is our body’s defense mechanism, works day in day out to combat the pathogen, viruses, and bacteria which can cause illness & disease. To make sure that it works potentially, we also need to provide it with adequate support.   After some research, I have come up with some unique & easy ways which are backed up with science, to boost our immunity by strengthening it.     1) Stomach acid :-  Apart from food digestion the acid in our stomach also keeps us protected from all kinds of infections. The pathogens can not survive in the acidic medium of the st