7 ways to avoid added sugar in your diet


Our fallacies on sugar are in numbers umpteenth. However, while evaluating & regulating the amount of sugar one should not mistake about those 1 or 2 teaspoonfuls of sugar we consume everyday in tea. There are lots of hidden sugars in food items that we tend to overlook. In this post, we will discuss about takings some corrective measurements to avoid added sugar since we all are well aware of its repercussions on our health.


                              Added sugar is the processed form of sugar which loses most of its natural properties and health benefits.


avoid added sugar in your diet

1)   Start your day with fruits-

 After the whole night of fasting when we wake up in the morning, our sugar levels are mostly on the lower side. If we can satisfy that sweet-tooth in the morning with the natural and healthy option it will less likely to linger with us for the whole day. Starting your day with the fruit could be a good option. The fruit which has natural sugar is also rich in antioxidants and many other health benefits will serve the purpose for us.


2) Use other alternatives: - You can substitute the sugar with the natural /unprocessed sweetener. While making your desserts, cakes, and sweet snacks, replace sugar with jaggery, figs, and dates and they have a good amount of sweetening properties in them. Dates and figs are natural sources of sugar and are much healthier options than desserts which have full of processed sugar.


 3)   Eat protein/fat with every meal:-

 Introducing Fats & proteins in your meal will not annoy your blood sugar and pancreas. Our pancreas has to release much more amount of insulin to maintain the sugar levels of our body. Eating fats and proteins will minimize the release of blood sugar amount in the body. So the sudden shooting up and down in blood sugar which occurs after our sugar intake will reduce. Protein and fats also keep us full by keeping our hunger satisfied.


4)   Spice it up:-

 If it is all about keeping your taste buds happy then you can try on spices. Adding up Spices will enhance the taste of your food without hampering your sugar levels. There are spices like cinnamon which has sweetening properties and also contains lots of additional health benefits. 


5)   Read the food labels:-

During your trips to the market for groceries, its imperative to check on the ingredients of items you buy. In the list of groceries, the things you consider safe can often contain an unimaginable amount of sugar in them. Most of the different kind of sauces, Ketchup, flavored yogurt, and flavored milk may contain plenty amount of sugar in them


6)   Meal preparation in advance

It is often those moments we reach out to those sugary snacks when we have no options available. Most of us know our time and schedule when we fall prey to them. According to that time frame if we keep our meals ready it will save us from lots of added sugar in our diet. 


7) Chew on some fennel seed - Fennel seeds have the ability to reduce o reduce our appetite. If you are a person who often gets hunger pangs you can take the help of fennel seed to overcome hunger. Some studies say if people chew fennel studies before lunch they stayed fuller for a longer time. However, if you are somebody like me that wants to satisfy the sweet tooth you can chew some fennel seeds post-meal as it has got natural sweetener in it. It gives a little sweet taste and also the essential oils of fennel are very beneficial for you. You may also have an added benefit of developing prominent chick bones as fennel seed is a little hard to chew on and involves facial mussels to do so.

avoid added sugar in your diet


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