Space during Quarantined days

During our quarantined days, we are left with plenty of space due to social distancing which results in an abundance of leisure time. In this post, I would try to portray how space matters whether it is within or outside, how it has so many prospects in the present situation and there are no reason to dread it.

Few interesting facts:-

As we know, the emptiness that separates oneness and brings individuality is known as space, which is the largest element present in our body out of all 5 elements. What makes a human body light is space element that is the reason a dead body becomes much heavier as the space element starts to reduce within. There is so much space in our mind that you can not feed enough data in your lifetime. Even in the whole universe space is the largest element out of all 5.

Space during lockdown

Materializing the space 

Now I am not an expert, but as I see the space we have, it can be invested or wasted easily as time will pass by anyway. Remember the days, when we would pass months on months behind closed rooms, most of our time with a motive to score well in the exams, we never dreaded those situations as we could see our goals and the happiness of achieving them. Consequently, now you can invest this spare time in establishing your personality because when this entire situation is over, socializing will be resumed in our lives we won’t have time to be an individual as all of us will be invested in our socializing again. We can infuse this time in pursuing self- education, working on our hobbies, our skills, the favorite things we thought to do when getting free time from a busy life.    

Be the game changer now

Space during lockdown

Undoubtedly, socializing is essential for us as humans once in a while but Making space to build up your personality, excelling in education, working on your hobbies are the necessities for a quality life and do take a long time and distance from others to some extent. Having independence, where you have your inner world stuff to fall back on is a liberating state. The more you develop this aspect of your life the more you are on top of the game in any life situation. What can be a better time to do all these than now? There is no reason for waking up and trying to find reasons to hate ourselves for the lone time we have. Through this post, I want to encourage you all to swim against the flow with me and stop being carried away by social media’s negativity. Therefore the space given to us should be made the most of it with resilience as we don’t know when we are going to get such a long alone time again.

                     What made me bring this post is, I hardly see any positive aspects being illustrated for this quarantined time as scrolling through social media gives me a feeling that the whole world has come to an end and all of us will die very soon if not physically then mentally due to social detachment. Here I am not talking about exceptions such as busy mothers working the whole day to serve the family, people serving in pandemic like nursing staff, doctors, police, and charity workers, my respectful salute to their dedication and hard work as they barely get any free time. This is a supportive post in general as lockdown might have been removed but keeping in mind the high number of people affected by COVID 19, we have to maintain social distancing as much as possible.



  1. Well-written and thought-provoking article.

  2. Great read. I liked your idea of finding the positives of the current situation.

    Kuchh kuchh bouncer bhi gaya.....


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