It is your active mind that keeps your body youthful.

 It is your active mind that keeps your body youthful.

A firm believer in the fact that mind & body health are both equally crucial moreover correlated. There are enough researches that prove the fact that the proper functionality of the brain plays a major role in keeping you youthful and vibrant. It has been shown that it requires an adaptable mind to keep your body young.

 The human mind has been designed in such a way that it keeps on checking at all times if there is an enemy around. Thus it has a tendency to wrap itself up around comfort zone and not explore. This way our mind feels safe and secure. But the only problem that comes up with this is we tend to get habituated with things and our brain goes on an autopilot mode when it adapts to a particular activity. Our brain then doesn’t utilize its capacity to the fullest. This is the time when face problems like:- we go somewhere to get something and forget why came there for, people often forget familiar names as the brain cells start to degenerate. It is our brain only that gives the command to our body how it should function. It decides whether we are going to be energetic, youthful, and lively or tire, forgetful and lazy.


As an evolved human we have expanded ourselves and overcome most of the conditions which we still consider threats subconsciously and try to stay in a safe zone. A lot of fear within us is instilled yet they are mere illusions. Hence we must consider that what is required is, we need to let go off those fears and try to push ahead and explore At our present scenario. Experts say challenging your brain via some mental exercises can actually stimulate the brain cells to work and maintain themselves in a better way. This way we will upgrade our minds and pass on the upgraded genes to the next generation. After all this, it’s the only reason we are placed on the top of the species pyramid.

In my next post, I will come up with some ways to keep your mind active. Thanks for reading.









  1. Thanks ...waiting for your next post,its really a major issue on which we never focus,but it adversely affects us and we become weak and anxious.


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