How to overcome any difficult situation and stay happy?


How to overcome any difficult situation and stay happy?

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Well, an unprecedented situation such as this pandemic, where all of us are struggling to keep ourselves safe. It seems a never-ending journey and staying happy feels a joke for many of us.

                            We can find lots of ideas to keep ourselves happy yet hardly have we remembered to apply them when any real situation comes in. I like to experiment with my mind a lot and during this Covid’s time, it has been exercised quite enough. Here I would try to share a quick trick to come out of any difficult situation.


When stuck in any difficult situation, ask yourself these two questions:-


1)      Can I do anything about the situation? 

If the answer is yes. Then these below steps 

 This technique can be called a solution-oriented approach. For any such situation, I use a strategy which I call ASA

 a) A:-Analyze,    b) S:-Strategies,     c) S:-action


a)      Analyze: - Analyzing why something happened will give you the positive and negative aspects of a situation. An easy way to analyze the situation without getting biased would be to think yourself a third person and do a case study on the situation. This will provide you a lot of clarity on “why” something happened. 

b)      Strategies: - Next step is to plan to overcome the situation. It builds up confidence and inspires me to take the next required step. 

c)      Action: - The most important aspect of all is the action as without it you will have zero progress towards the situation. Therefore Try and take action as fast as you can.



2)      If the answer comes:-  No, I can not change the situation – 

 I simply follow these steps and always reap good result :- 

a) Surrender:- We all are safe and alive can simply not be a mere coincident. There is a superpower working behind all the things happening. He must have some bigger and better plan for us when nothing is in our hands. So with this belief, just let go of the situation in Almighty God’s safe hands.


b) Sense of contentment:- Most of us may have achieved our goals, wealth, the health of our desires. When you consider the fact that the life you are living is a dream life of many other less fortunate people. It immediately gives you a sense of contentment. A sense of contentment gives immediate happiness by making you feel fortunate about the life you are leading. To bring it into a habit, you may maintain a journal. This is a proven method by many which help to come out from any difficult situation.  


Do try them and let me know how it worked. Thanks for reading...




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